What happens in a TRE session?

I run sessions with clients to help them understand trauma and how to use the TRE process and their body to assist them to recover from overwhelming experiences such as – overwork, stress, PTSD, birth trauma, infertility, accidents, insomnia, domestic abuse, depression etc.

One to one TRE sessions are for 1.5 hours. This includes a thorough grounding in the process and concepts of TRE, the process of the exercises which are designed to elicit the body’s natural responses, tremoring time and full and deep integration.

Clients report less stress overall in life, deeper longer sleep, loss of chronic pain and tension and even better sex lives as their bodies let go of decades of tightly held tension. Stress is released without having to ‘work at it’ and allows the individual to feel, sense and inhabit their body without having to ‘think themselves’ there. Feelings of defeat, hopelessness and helplessness are replaced by confidence, self empowerment and hope.

TRE is an amazing, deeply natural conversation with your body and applicable to everyone.

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