What are the benefits of TRE? Often, if trauma is stored in the body it can distort our experience of the present. Trauma is anything that overwhelms our system.

Although humans beings are designed to overcome traumatic experiences, sometimes we can get stuck in loops when what has happened to us hasn’t been able to process fully. For example mums who have a traumatic, life threatening birth experience may not be able to process their own trauma because they have to focus on their new baby. Their own requirements can be dismissed as they look after their new infant.

One of the great benefits of TRE is that we can gently and slowly process trauma from our system. It doesn’t matter what happened or when it happened and we don’t need to re-tell the story. We let our bodies do the talking.

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When using TRE most clients report feelings of profound and peaceful release never previously experienced.  If taught correctly TRE is also something clients can take away and do themselves at home to great benefit.

However participating in a group or with a Certified TRE Provider can further enhance the experience.  Having your process held and witnessed in safety can be deeply healing and also specific interventions, designed just for your body, can also be used. For example there are specific interventions to help release tension from the chest or lower back.

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Other benefits of TRE can include:

  • Less chronic tension, aches and pains
    Lowered stress levels
    Feeling more grounded and present
    Better sleep patterns – deeper, longer sleep
    Better sex life and stronger sex drive as muscles which have held years of tension relax
    Feelings of empowerment
    Feeling calmer and less ‘triggered’ by stressful events
    More able to meditate
    Greater ease of movement
    Deeper sense of self acceptance


Back to back

When attending a TRE Workshop the energy and release is shared and it is often comforting to be with others and discuss and witness their process – and to realise we are all the same as our bodies unwind.

Humans are essentially tribal in nature and need to connect. We often feel safer this way.  Experiencing the benefits of TRE in a group can help smooth out the ripples of trauma allowing them to gently fade as your body returns to harmony.

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