PTT – Picture Tapping Technique

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Emotional Eating 12 - 'integration' - resolution picture 001Picture Tapping is a therapeutic intervention which is a fusion of Art Therapy and EFT that can bring impressive resolution for hard to identify emotional issues or addictions. Read how I finally stopped smoking using PTT here.

Picture Tapping is a different way of using EFT and has many benefits. It is an ingenious and creative way of releasing negative emotions and frequently provides faster resolution for global issues such as depression or generalised anxiety.

This is a way of using EFT along with the power of metaphor and imagination to reach gently but deeply into the psyche to release long held limiting beliefs which may be difficult to express verbally.Emotional Eating 7 - 'resistance' 001

Clients are frequently delighted by the gentle resolution achieved. It is also extremely useful for work with children or for adults who suffered trauma before conscious awareness and who may not be able to verbalise their feelings effectively.Emotional Eating 5 'nebula' 001

 Clients can also use Picture Tapping for self care with very good results.

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