The Chakras are major energy centres of the body and a deeper energy system that often hold deeply held, historic patterns.

The word Chakra means vortex, disc or wheel and they are vortices or pools of energy that spin clockwise and counter clockwise at multiple levels and form a junction between the physiological and consciousness.

Within our energy system we can think of the chakras as major cities, the meridian acupoints as towns and villages and the meridians themselves as the pathways that connect them all.

Chakras bear the core emotional and physical functions our being. We carry our history, our family legacies and rooted habits and patterns here, along with our emotional, mental, physical and cognitive habits.

They also service the organs, ligaments and other body parts that sit within their field, supporting and governing the endocrine system and physical body.


When chakras are congested our vital life force is unable to circulate resulting in a lack of mind body integrity. Working with the Chakras can help remove blockages and stagnant energies and bring fresh energy into our system, regulating body chemistry to enable body system balance.

This can improve mental acuity and produce profound and permanent shifts.

Balancing the chakras brings more coherence in our whole being and provides with an opportunity to be stronger and more flexible and buoyant. Balanced chakras helps us instil a ‘pause button‘ for the triggers of life and enable us to become more resilient.

Chakra clearing is easy, and they are very responsive to being worked on with intention, breath, movement, or pendulum.

When we work with the Chakras we aim for balance so that they are able to spin in whatever direction it needs easily and fruitfully.