Think of trying to tune in TV or radio to a specific station, but the antenna can’t pick up the signal and all you get it white noise.  In Energy Psychology we use energy checking techniques to ‘tune’ your system so that you get back in harmony.

Energetic interference is a systemic disturbance of the whole person that makes it extremely difficult or even impossible to identify the most useful psychological issues for that client.

It usually prevents effective treatment and often inhibits long term effectiveness of treatments.

The good news is that energy interference like this can usually be quickly and gently rectified with simple energy checking protocols. Also, just like going to the gym, the more you do it the stronger and more resilient your energy system becomes.  This treatment dimension prepares a client’s system to respond efficiently and to fully benefit  from treatment.

To do this we remove any energetic interference with simple energy exercises and techniques that are easily taught and can be taken home to use at any time.

These methods can also be used prior to any type of treatment in order to enhance effectiveness. They can also be used frequently as relaxation tools and as a useful ‘MOT’ for the energy system. For example I do a morning energy routine every day, and often between clients to keep my system in balance.

Common indicators that your energy system may be disturbed are: constrained gait, confusion or flooding, chronic sleep disturbance, depression, chronic pain, OCD, dissociation, chronic accidents, inner emptyness or lack of coordination.